The Big Event Executive Board Mission Statement

We, as the Executve Board of The Big Event, promise to hold our positions with honor and integrity. We strive to exceed prior expectations while still holding ourselves accountable to The Big Event National Mission Statement and Core Values.

As a team, we will respect one another’s ideas, goals, and decisions. By working together cohesively, we will create a positive and effective team dynamic. We recognize the importance of building a network of support between the FSU Student Body, the Tallahassee Community, and ourselves, and pledge to foster and develop those relationships as well as continuously represent The Big Event and the Florida State University Student Body in the most positive way.

Together, we will focus on sustainability and togetherness. Through our event, we will work to create a culture of service and will challenge those in the community to continue selfless service throughout the year. We will strive to unify the Tallahassee Community and the Florida State University Community through diligence in serving others. We hold these positions in order to fulfill our mission in serving both communities and will exemplify this through our actions as Executive Board members of The Big Event.



Executive Director: Alex Rose









Financial Director: Jamie Handy









Advisor: Julie Fleishman
Student Program Coordinator





Applications for the following positions will release August 28th.

The Administrative Director
will serve as a historian and record keeper for The Big Event. In addition to keeping detailed notes and minutes the Administrative Director will oversee Spring Retreat and be responsible for reserving space for meetings, interviews, and recruitment events.

The Sponsorship Director
will working closely with our Financial Director to meet our monetary needs. They will form close relationships with the community in order to secure the sponsorships and funding that make The Big Event possible.

The Programming Director
will be responsible for working with our Public Relations Directors to plan and execute large PR events including One Big Week. They will be responsible for setting up and executing share it nights and other fundraising and PR events.

The Event Day Director
will be responsible for planning and executing the Kick Off Ceremony the morning of The Event. They will work with other campus affiliates to create an exciting and energetic Kick Off for our participants.

The Recruitment Director
is responsible for gathering volunteers to participate in The Big Event. They will utilize many networks to ensure we have a wide range of volunteers participating and helping give back to the community.

The Outreach Director
will serve as the liaison between The Big Event and our surrounding community. They will oversee the recruitment of sites, while ensuring our volunteers have a meaningful and impactful volunteer experience. They will continue close partnerships with The County,
Leon County Schools and the City of Tallahassee.

The Campus Relations Director
will work to spread the name and mission of The Big Event at FSU, TCC, and FAMU. They will utilize a network to go speak to groups, classes, and other campus affiliates. Will work with local campus news sources to market The Big Event.

The Community Relations Director
will work to promote The Big Event to the surrounding community. By working closely with local new sources and the County Communications Office they will spread the mission of The Big Event within our community.